Tiger Brands Proud Moments

  • We relaunched Beacon New Packaging in 2016 and did various campaigns over the years for Beacon
  • We Launched Heavenly chocolates and feedback was so successful we also helped launch Mint Flavour
  • All Sorts activations at Concerts and Events and In-Store
  • Candy Carnival – Mass In-Store Tasting of Various Brands
    Energade SpinWheel In-Store
  • Maynards In-Store
    Koo and Black Cat – Various activations in Mass Markets and In-Store
  • TradeShows and tastings with various Koo Products
    Crosse&Blackwell In-Store and Trade Shows
  • The Jelly Tot and Oros Man live with us. We take care of activations, cleaning and rebranding of New Mascots. We feed and care for our Mascots with Love in our offices in Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal

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