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Dreams can come true, the Noordelike Helpmekaar-Studiefonds, helps young people to receive study loans at extremely low interest rates. Top achievers also receive prestige awards, marking them for excellence in their carreers.

The Helpmekaar-beweging dates back as far as the early twenties in the 1900’s, unfortunately the organization stopped functioning in the Old Transvaal but retook its purpose in 1962.

On 12 June 1962, 12 student loans were approved by the board of directors. Up to date the fund has helped 2 050 students to attend universities of their choice. Students that are based in the 4 Northerly situated provinces are selected for the loans that are made available to them with very reasonable terms and conditions.

The Noordelike Helpmekaar Studiefonds is registered with the National Credit Regulator which enables them to act as a credit provider. Annie Malan sits on the board of the Noordelike Helpmekaar Stuidefonds taking part in the management of the fund.

Bridges of Hope South Africa was born in response to the AIDS pandemic that has ravaged the nation of South Africa to a greater extent than any other country on earth, but the needs in the country go far beyond the health and social issues that result from the health crisis.

  • South Africa has a staggering unemployment rate of over 40%
  • There is a huge lack of housing with millions and millions of people living in squatter camps and in sub-standard housing
  • The educational system is desperately lacking for the majority of the population

The Bridges of Hope organisation helps the community through the following programmes:

Community Health Education (CHE):
The CHE program, formally launched in Philippi in 2004, empowers community members to take charge of the problems their communities face. Hundreds of eager volunteers have since been trained to go into their neighbourhoods and teach physical, spiritual and social health principles. Prevention of prevalent diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Diarrhea, Diabetes and Tooth Decay is taught, along with social/emotional health topics such as Dealing with Alcoholism, Parenting Skills, Conflict Resolution, Orphan Care, Grief, and Forgiveness.  The CHE volunteers have been welcomed into thousands of homes and are helping to transform their communities one life at a time. The CHE program has now expanded into four other local communities: Lower Crossroads, Sweet Home, Samora and Gugulethu. We have even expanded CHE internationally into the neighbouring country of Swaziland, Ethiopia, and India!

After School Program (ASP):
Bridges of Hope started a computer lab in the Masivuke Primary School in 2004 and recruited unemployed community members to volunteer for one year in the program in exchange for Computer Training, English Literacy Skills, Life Skills and Discipleship. The ASP has since multiplied into 3 additional schools. Over 300 children per year enthusiastically attend the program where they also receive training in Computers, English Literacy, Life Skills (including HIV/AIDS prevention) and Discipleship. To date, over 1,000 children have been trained and enriched by the programs, and over 150 community volunteers have been trained to lead the programs, many of whom have obtained employment as a result of their new skills.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC):
The OVC Program began in 2003 as our Leadership Committee members identified the growing number of orphaned children as a critical issue in Philippi that had to be addressed  (Bridges of Hope began a monthly sponsorship of  abandoned children, covering school fees, food, clothing, housing expenses and medical care. We have also built and/or expanded three houses in Philippi which serve as homes for orphans.) Our CHE volunteers continued to discover many orphans and vulnerable children as they made their home visits throughout Philippi. In response, Bridges of Hope ran our first OVC Camp in July 2005 and started a weekly OVC Support Group in Philippi.  This initial group has since multiplied to three neighboring communities serving over 125 children, five days per week. The OVC Support Groups are run by a Philippi resident who has trained over 80 volunteers that oversee the welfare of the children and distribute donated multi-vitamins.  Bridges of Hope supplies two nutritious food parcels per child each month. We are working in conjunction with Child Welfare Society to assist the children with their many needs.

Micro-Enterprise Development:
Bridges of Hope provides training and seed money for women of Philippi, Lower Crossroads and Sweet Home to start micro-enterprises which eventually become self-sustaining means of support for them and their families.  Since 2003 we have helped to start Beading, Knitting and Sewing businesses serving over 35 families.

The Breast Health Foundation has run an annual golf day for the past decade, raising money and awareness for projects associated with the Breast Health Foundation. The event is an ideal opportunity for sponsors to market their products or services and to extend their networks, while at the same time exposing their valued female employees and clients to the great tool of networking and deal making.

One hundred and twenty participants will take part in the 10th and final golf day at the Parkview Golf Course on Friday 14 September 2012. Corporations and individuals are urged to take part in the fun filled day where prizes and networking opportunities are guaranteed. For bookings, call Tarryn Edwards, on (011) 7266076 / 083 327 9522.

The Rekord Hulpfonds donated close to R500 000 to non-profit organisations in Pretoria during the course of 2011. The funds were only distributed to NPO’s that have specific projects, focussing on improving the basic living standards of less fortunate families in the Pretoria community.

The Rekord Hulpfonds places organisations that receive no or little support from the State or other organisations at the top of the list for assistance. All of the organisations have to submit written requests to the Rekord Hulpfonds in order for them to be considered as beneficiaries. Some of the organisations that have received assistance in the past include: child care homes, different special needs schools and old age homes.

Rekord runs various projects during the course of the year to raise funds for the organisations that are dependant of the Hulpfonds. One of the major events is the annual corporate Leriba Lodge Sport Legend Dinner, which gains more support every year. The final receivers of the funds are truly grateful for each patron’s attendance, and the positive feedback they give to ensure more people attend each year.

Abraham Kriel Childcare! Abraham Kriel Childcare (AKC) is a registered NPO providing childcare in the greater Johannesburg and East Rand in Gauteng. Their passion is to ensure the optimal development of traumatised children in need of care. AKC provides both residential care and community services and focuses on providing shelter, care and rehabilitation for children between the ages of birth and 18 years old, who have been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty and neglect. Currently AKC operates 21 (incl. baby unit) houses for children and carries out 6 community care programmes that provide food, shelter, pastoral care, remedial care, social services, skills development services and early childhood development.

The AKC’s mission, from a Christian frame of reference, to care for, develop, empower and reintegrate traumatised children in need of care (as defined by the Children’s Act) and where needed, their families through appropriate care models and therapeutic programmes, to enable them to function independently and to contribute to society.

CMR or Christian Social Board is a charity that assists with Social Services to the needy and we are proud to support them

National Sea Rescue Institute does incredible work on our coasts and we are proud to support them and partner with them

Desmond Tutu Bible Project

Contact the Christian Literature Fund and assist in this project to get 1 000 000 Children’s Bibles in the hands of our learners. Available in 6 of our 11 official languages.

The Reeva Steenkamp Foundation does incredible work and we have supported them at several events