2012 – Noordelike Helpmekaar-studiefonds

Dreams can come true, the Noordelike Helpmekaar-Studiefonds, helps young people to receive study loans at extremely low interest rates. Top achievers also receive prestige awards, marking them for excellence in their carreers.

The Helpmekaar-beweging dates back as far as the early twenties in the 1900’s, unfortunately the organization stopped functioning in the Old Transvaal but retook its purpose in 1962.

On 12 June 1962, 12 student loans were approved by the board of directors. Up to date the fund has helped 2 050 students to attend universities of their choice. Students that are based in the 4 Northerly situated provinces are selected for the loans that are made available to them with very reasonable terms and conditions.

The Noordelike Helpmekaar Studiefonds is registered with the National Credit Regulator which enables them to act as a credit provider. Annie Malan sits on the board of the Noordelike Helpmekaar Stuidefonds taking part in the management of the fund.